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Alison Olsen is a girl who is in Eddie's piccolo playing class with him. She is the only other student there, as well as his new love interest, replacing Nichole. She first appeared in the episode Boy II Man. She is played by Isabella Alexander.

Unlike Nichole, Alison proves to be very sweet and positive towards Eddie, being even nicer to Eddie than his family (Louis, Jessica, Evan and Emery). 


In the episode Boy II Man, Eddie's heart was broken when Nichole fell in love with a new foreign exchange student named Chris. He was extremely depressed over this, but after a while, he decided to move on to someone new. He went to his piccolo seminar, and there, he met another girl there who he fell in love with. Alison had no lines in this episode and her name was never mentioned, and her only appearance was at the end, during the ending credits.

In the episode The Fall Ball, The Fall Ball was happening at Eddie's school, and Eddie was determined to ask Alison out but he decided to give up because of the chances that he would be rejected. In the end, he realized that it isn't useful to give up because he's more likely to fail if he doesn't try to begin with, so he went to the dance and asked her out and they had a great time dancing together.

In the episode Good Morning Orlando, Alison sent a letter to Eddie that implied that she liked him. Neither of them directly talked to each other and so they conversed by having Ned be their messenger. Ned then told Eddie that Alison considered him his girlfriend. This came as a shock to him because he had never heard of them being in a relationship. Apparently, she considered themselves a couple when he asked her to "dance" at the Fall Ball from the episode The Fall Ball. The same thing went for all of his other friends and her friends. The girls all asked Eddie and his friends to go on a group date at the mall, where they simply passed by each other and said "hi" to each other on the escalators. When Ned told Dave that Beca T. broke up with him, he was confused, believing that he was dating Sarah S. The boys then tried to figure out who was dating who but had no luck. When the girls asked the remaining boys out for a group date at the roller rink, they revealed to their girlfriends that they had no idea who was dating who. Alison was very angry with Eddie for this and she left him. The next day at school, Eddie talked to Alison about it and asked for them to restart their relationship again. Alison told him that they never broke up, they just fought and that they're stronger for it now. As for his other friends, however, all of their girlfriends have dumped them. Eddie decided it was time to stop talking through Ned and have their relationship founded on direct, clear communication and made their relationship a normal relationship.

In the episode We Done Son, Alison was playing baseball with the group. She was the pitcher and she beat Trent at the game, striking a real nerve of insecurity with him. She left, reminding Eddie that her birthday was coming up soon. After she left, Eddie told the guys that he was going to buy her a necklace for her birthday but they all assured him that it was way too expensive and that overall, the gift itself was pretty meaningless. Eddie didn't care and kept trying to earn enough money to buy this for her. The next scene with Alison showed her coming up to Eddie, at school a few days later, when he was in a state of exasperation from working endlessly for DMX. She told him the hilarious story about how earlier in the lunchroom, Beca G. ate a live spider. Eddie was really not in the mood and started to lash out at her. She was trying to be nice about it, but he was being very closed off and negative with her, which got her angry at him. Later, Eddie told DMX about the situation and he convinced him that he shouldn't buy her a crappy piece of jewelry for hundreds of dollars and instead, give her something "that comes from the heart." He took him into his greenhouse, where he had a whole bunch of flowers with feminine names and gave one to Eddie, to give to her. Alison was later seen in her front yard, playing the piccolo outside, when DMX drove his car up, with Eddie sitting with him. This elaborate ploy was passed off as Eddie's forgiveness proposal as he presented her with the flower and wished her a happy birthday. Alison fell for it and they stopped fighting and became boyfriend and girlfriend again.

In the episode Love and Loopholes, Valentine's Day was nearing and Eddie told Alison that for Valentine's Day, he was giving her tickets to the Janet Jackson concert. However, he hadn't even bought the tickets to begin with yet. He and Trent kept calling into a radio station and eventually won two tickets, but Trent eventually got greedy and said that he wanted to go to the concert. Continuing the events of the episode Good Morning Orlando, where Eddie and Alison promised to always be clear and direct with communication, Eddie told Alison the entire story right away. Alison came to the concert with both of them, dressed in a key covered costume. Alison said that she was going to come anyway because Eddie had a plan to get in. Eventually, they got in, but they had seats behind a pillar, so they just danced to her music out in the hallways and they left the concert unsatisfied. All in all, Alison was still happy to have at least spent Valentine's Day with her boyfriend, even though Trent was a horrible burden on them both.

In the episode Phil's Phalves, Eddie and Alison were talking about Old Dirty Bastard, as they were leaving school. However, their conversation was cut short when Alison's bitch of a bus driver yelled at her to get on the bus before they were late. Alison told Eddie that he could call her on the phone when they got home, making Eddie very nervous. Eddie spent a lot of time working up the courage to call her, and when he finally did, Alison's dad picked up the phone and contradicted their phone line, making things very confusing and awkward. Things got more and more out of hand and eventually, Louis even got joined in and so Eddie hung up. He decided that a better way of expressing his love for her again would be to make her a mix tape. So he made a mix tape and intended to give it to her in science class, but when he was partnered up with Reba instead, the tape fell into the wrong hands. Eddie decided to make a horrible mix tape for Reba to make her stop loving him, but the science teacher played this tape in class and Alison heard it. She was pissed off at him. So int he end, Eddie called Alison and played a new apology mix tape for her and that got her to happily forgive him again.

In the episode Keep 'Em Separated, Eddie wanted to keep Alison as far away from Nichole as possible, to avoid her learning that Eddie used to have a crush on her. They just manage to keep them separated throughout most of the school day, but when it came to the girl's bathroom, they were powerless. Alison called Eddie on the phone that day and told him about it. She said they met on the couch in the girls bathroom, (brick joking a previous gag made by Brian), and said that she really liked her and understood why Eddie had a crush on her. She then revealed that she used to have a crush on Eddie's friend, Dave Selby, which sent a shock straight to Eddie. Eddie gets jealous and gets revenge on Dave by making an offensive joke about his dad neglecting him in front of Alison. Alison gets mad at Eddie and leaves in anger. Although it was not seen, Eddie mentions later that Alison eventually forgave him and that they're still together.

Eddie and Alison's relationship has since started to run dry as in "The Taming of the Dads", Alison claims she's bored with their relationship and pleads that they take a break from dating to not become weary of each other.

In Season 4's "First Day", Alison and Eddie's relationship is shown to be on a downfall because Alison now no longer seems to love Eddie anymore and while driving him to school, she rudely kicked him out 9 blocks away from school. Alison and Eddie sadly break up because Alison found out that Eddie was lying to her that he was on the football team. Eddie admits that he did so because he thought it was the only way to save his relationship with Alison. Alison says, "I'm sorry Eddie" and officially breaks up with him before walking away, leaving Eddie heartbroken.



  • Sarah S. - Beca is a friend of Alison's she is the counterpart of Trent in Alison's group of friends.
  • Beca T. - Beca is a friend of Alison's. She is the counterpart of Walter in her group of friends.
  • Beca G. - Beca is a friend of Alison's she is Dave's counterpart in her group of friends. In the episode We Done Son, she was laughing at her when she ate a spider and went to tell Eddie about it.
  • Edith - Edith is a friend of Alison's. She is the Brian counterpart of her group of friends.
  • Nichole - Nichole and Alison became good friends with each other in the episode Keep 'Em Separated. Alison likes Nichole because she's cool and badass. At first, Eddie didn't want them to interact, because he thought it'd be awkward for her to know that he used to like her, but things happened, and to make a long story short, she didn't care that Eddie used to like her, and frankly, didn't blame him.
  • Trent - In the episode Love and Loopholes, she Eddie and Trent went to see a concert together. Since Trent is a friend of her boyfriend's, she will usually hang out with him.
  • Ned - In the episode Good Morning Orlando, Ned was shown to be a friend of Alison and her other girlfriends. He was used as the messenger for her to communicate with Eddie.

Love Interests

  • Eddie Huang - Alison and Eddie Huang are good friends. Eddie has a crush on Alison but she doesn't know about this and it's unknown if she feels the same way about him. It is possible that she does though, as in the episode The Fall Ball, Alison was seen at the school dance, alone, and she was looking very sad and lonely. When Eddie came up and asked her to dance, she lit up and happily said "About time you asked me." As of the episode Good Morning Orlando, this was apparently considered an official boyfriend girlfriend relationship the whole time and Eddie was unaware of it. Eddie was confused about who was dating who and when Alison heard about this, they got into a fight, which they were stronger for afterwards. Eddie and Allison learned more about being in a relationship and started dating, officially.
  • Dave Selby - Nichole is friends with Dave because he's friends with her boyfriend, Eddie. In the episode Keep 'Em Separated, it was revealed that before she met Eddie, she used to have a crush on Dave. Eddie was jealous of this, but Alison had stopped being in love with Dave a long time ago, because she was always too nervous to ask him out. Afterwards, she fell in love with Eddie, and when he asked her out, she had completely forgotten about Dave. When Dave found out that Alison used to like her, he became really overjoyed and excited, because he thought that she was really pretty.

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