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Brock is a friend of Eddie's at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. He and Eddie are "frenemies" sort of speak as they are good friends with each other, but have a tendency to get into rival-like fights that usually start with him making fun of Eddie. He made his first appearance in the Pilot episode. He is played by Brady Tutton.


Brock is a fairly popular boy who is superior to others on the popularity list. He looks down upon other people, and he'll only befriend and respect people who meet his standards and shut out anyone who doesn't. He acts very stuck up and sees himself like he's much better than everyone else, when deep down, he's acting very pretencious and he's very egotistical. In fact, he even sees himself as inferior to other people such as Nichole, and he slaves over, trying to act cool in front of people like her.


  • Eddie Huang - Brock and Eddie are on and off frenemies. Most of the time, the two of them are normal friends, and in season one episodes, Brock has even been featured in Eddie's friend group, but Brock has high priorities when it comes to friends and doesn't befriend people who are beneath him, which he suspects is true from Eddie. Brock tries to challenge Eddie by pressuring him to do something impressive for himself and his other friends, which determines whether he is cool or not. In the episode Persistent Romeo, Brock pressured Eddie to have a dirty movie at his sleepover, even though he didn't and secretly stalked him at the video store, catching him attempting to buy one. Instead of ratting him out to the others, he kept it a secret and play along because he thought it would be funnier to watch him humiliate himself at the sleepover. In the episode Family Business Trip, he pressured Eddie to do something amazing over the summer vacation and come back with an honest story, determining whether he'd be considered "cool" by the other students, or if he'd "End up like Aubrey K. Miller." When Eddie came back without an interesting story, he shunned him from his ground, until Nichole came in and said that he was pretty cool and that she liked his story. Seeing her as a person even cooler than himself, Brock changed his opinion and Eddie's safety with Brock and cool factor was re-obtained.
  • Nichole - Brock has a minor crush on Nichole which might actually just be, him thinking she's "hot" more than an actual "love interest." Brock sees Nichole as a superior being on the popularity list, and tries to act cool around her and earn her respect, which might as well be the only other reason he likes her. In the episode License to Sell, Brock was seen staring at Nichole when she walked through the lunchroom, going to detention and said "She's so hot." In the episode Family Business Trip, Brock was about to shun Eddie for not doing anything interesting over the summer vacation, until Nichole came up and said that she thought Eddie was cool, which earned Eddie's respect with Brock back, once again.

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