Charlene is a girl that Mitch was seen dating in the episode Success Perm. She seems to be a depressed girl who is looking for a man to share a relationship with. She is played by Kate Huffman.


In the episode Success Perm, Mitch was told to fill up the restaurant with as many people as he could. One of them was the girl he was dating, Charlene. Charlene was not originally part of the plan. Mitch invited Charlene over for their date and it just so happened to be at the right time. When Mitch was on his date with Charlene, she told him that she felt like she could really open up to him. Their date was then interrupted by a phone call from someone booking reservations.

In the episode License to Sell, it can be implied that their relationship is over, because Mitch mentioned that he was sexually intimate with Nancy. However, considering that he was cheating on his wife when dating her in the first place, it's also just as likely that he was cheating on her too.


  • Mitch mentioned that he had a wife in the Pilot episode, meaning that he was cheating on her with Charlene.
  • In the episode License to Sell, Mitch and Nancy mentioned that they were sexually intimate, meaning that his relationship with Charlene is over, or that he is cheating on her too.