Connie Chen
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Susan Park
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Connie Chen
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Family members
Mr. Chu (biological father)
Grandma Chu (biological mother)
Jessica Huang (older sister)
Steve Chu (Husband)
Justin Chu (Biological son)
Louis Huang (brother in-law)
Eddie Huang (nephew)
Evan Huang (nephew)
Emery Huang (nephew)
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Connie is Jessica's sister who is married to Steve Chu. She appeared in the episode "Success Perm". She and Jessica are rivals who both hate each other with a burning passion. Occasionally, Connie will come to visit the Huang family, just so she can brag to her sister about how much better she is. She is played by Susan Park.


Since childhood, Connie and Jessica always hated each other and argued over who was better. They also tried to fight over the affections of their mother. Jessica was always intimidated by Connie for being better and more successful than she was, but apparently, Connie felt similarly about her, only she thought Jessica was liked more by their mother. Their rivalry never stopped and even as adults, Connie and her family became very rich and successful and the Chus would still occasionally come to visit the Huangs and brag about how much better her life is than Jessica's.

In the episode "Success Perm", Connie made her first appearance in the series where she once again visited the Huangs so that she could brag to them. Connie underwent breast implants and therefore quit jogging because of this. Like before, they still constantly fought over the affections of Grandma Chu.

Finding Emery and Evan sleeping in a closet, Connie then is able to find out that Jessica has been lying to her the whole time that she is just as upper class as Connie. However, Connie loses her ability to brag as well when the police report that the Chus are at risk of becoming default on debt.

In Huangsgiving, it is revealed that Connie's marriage with Steve fell apart due to their debt.

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