Cutaway Gags are a recurring feature of the show, wherein a character will mention something that happened back in the past (mostly back in D.C.) and a short flashback will appear, showing exactly what that character just said.

Season 1

Screenshot Title Episode Cutaway Owner Episode Number Overall Number
Lost White People Retarded white people Pilot Eddie Huang 1 1
Eddie remembers the only time they ever encountered Caucasian people before was when those retarded white people came, asking them where the White House was.
Eating Outside with the Janitor Lunch with the Janitor #1 Pilot Eddie Huang 2 2
Eddie complains to his mom about his first day of school, saying how he was excluded at lunch and has to sit outside with the janitor.
Taiwanese Market Taiwanese Market Pilot Jessica Huang 3 3
Jessica remembers how relaxing it was shopping back in D.C. A flashback then shows her in a very crowded flea market, arguing and yelling with the other shoppers.
Lunch with the Janitor 2 Lunch with the Janitor #2 The Shunning Eddie Huang (Narrator) 1 4
Adult Eddie Huang again mentions lunch with the janitor. He's seen there again with janitor telling him his two cents on a seasonal salad that didn't live up to it's name.
Jessica argues with her friends Friends back in D.C. The Shunning Jessica Huang 2 5
Jessica remembers how she used to have such nice talks with her friends back in D.C. Jessica is shown her arguing with her friends over a card game and screaming in anger.
Evan wants a petting zoo Evan wants a petting zoo The Shunning Jessica Huang 3 6
Jessica mentions that she sent someone from their family to discuss the plans for the party, cuing Evan protesting Alice to have a petting zoo there.
Evan's little chit chat with his girlfriends Evan and the girls The Shunning Evan Huang 4 7
Evan gossips to Louis and Jessica the inside scoop on what the neighborhood women thought of Honey, showing a flashback of him and the girls talking trash about her behind her back like a group of bombshell girls.
Eddie's report card Eddie's report card Home Sweet Home-School Eddie Huang 1 8
Eddie tells Dave that his mom can always tell that he's lying if he says "I love you." A flashback shows him back in D.C., where he makes this mistake because he's hiding a report card where he has a B in one of his classes.
Chinese Learning Center Chinese Learning Center Home Sweet Home-School Eddie Huang (Narrator) 2 9
Eddie Huang narrates, telling about an awful time in his life where he had to go to the Chinese Leaning Center. A home school where he did nothing but learn about all of the subjects of school while his white friends played outside.
Louis and Steve Louis working for Steve Success Perm Louis Huang 1 10
Louis remembers how horrible his job was when he worked for Steve. Louis is seen about to make a sale to a couple, when Steve drops in and humiliates him in front of them.
Connie talking trash on the phone to Jessica Virolic euphemisms Success Perm Jessica Huang 2 11
Jessica and Connie are on the phone, saying nice things that they don't mean to each other. Their true hatred is expressed in the subtitles below, showing strongly hateful dialogue.
Eddie and Justin's first time Eddie gets introduced to rap Success Perm Eddie Huang 3 12
The story of how Eddie became a die-hard rap fan is revealed, showing him and Justin back in D.C. Justin plays some N.W.A. music to him that literally blows his mind.
Jessica watching nightly news Nightly News Persistent Romeo Eddie Huang (Narrator) 1 13
Jessica is shown watching Nightly News every night and becoming paranoid about a new thing every time. First it's date rape, then it's chemicals in her couch, and then being attacked.
Cattleman's Ranch has customers Cattleman's Ranch gets customers Persistent Romeo Louis Huang 2 14
Louis comes home, excitedly telling the family that Cattleman's Ranch had an unbelievable flow of customers come in. Louis, Nancy, and Mitch were in shock, having never had nearly this much customers at one time before, and even considered starting a waiting list.
Brock's dad teaches him about flowers and watering cans Brock's Flowers and Watering Cans talk Persistent Romeo Eddie Huang (Narrator) 3 15
Brock's dad is seen teaching a very disgusted and confused Brock about sex, using finger puppets of a flower and a watering can and making them kiss.
Captain Book (Not) Disney Character Day Fajita Man Eddie Huang (Narrator) 1 16
Louis is trying to popularize Cattleman's Ranch by making his own festive events there, but is constrained by copyright issues, and so he makes an event called (Not) Disney character day, featuring parody characters that directly talk about the crimes of copyright.
Doing Grandma's Nails Manicure Weekends Fajita Man Jessica Huang 2 17
Jessica says that the excuse of looking for a new house every Saturday, is a great way out of having to put up with her weekly manicures with Grandma, of which they both obviously hate.
Dave got the best game Dave got the best game Fajita Man Eddie Huang 3 18
Eddie says that Dave's game outranks Shaq Fu, meaning he got the best game. Dave is seen finally beating the game after many sleepless nights and then tearfully congratulating the feminists for breaking through and proving how strong and able they truly are.
Louis and Jessica are running in fear Gangster Movie Scene Showdown at the Golden Saddle Eddie Huang (Narrator) 1 19
This cutaway serves as a preview into something that will be happening later in the episode. It features Louis and Jessica running from the cops in a fashion that parodies gangster movie cliches.
Louis steals the franchise The creation of Cattleman's Ranch Showdown at the Golden Saddle Louis Huang 2 20
The backstory of Cattleman's Ranch is revealed as Louis tells how he stole a franchise pamphlet for the Golden Saddle and escapes with it, constructing his own restaurant, based off of the designs he sees in there.
Sort of Asian rappers Eddie wanting to see a rap concert Montage Phillip Goldstein Jessica Huang 1 21
After Eddie tries to convince Jessica to let him see a Beastie Boys concert, bribing her with breakfast in bed, Jessica tells him no and that they've gone through this before, cuing a montage of three previous instances where the exact same thing has happened, only with different bands.
At the Beastie Boys concert Beastie Boys concert Phillip Goldstein Eddie Huang (Narrator) 2 22
Jessica takes Eddie to see the Beastie Boys concert. She is seen sitting in her chair, cringing, unhappy, and highly disturbed by the loud music and flashing lights and is relieved when the song ends, only to her Eddie tell her that that was only their opening act.
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dubai Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dubai License to Sell Eddie Huang (Narrator) 1 23
Eddie thinks about his chances with Nichole being very slim, but then remembers how Jermaine Dubri was able to make it with Janet Jackson, knowing that if he can have her, than him and Nichole is very possible.
Oprah Sucks Oprah Sucks License to Sell Trent 2 24
Trent asks Eddie how he'll get detention. His question is answered by the next scene. Eddie proclaims "Oprah Sucks." in the middle of class, resulting in him getting detention.
The Crow The Crow License to Sell Eddie Huang 3 25
Eddie tells Nichole that he "lived" the movie The Crow. The next scene shows a bunch of seagulls eating Eddie's pizza on the beach, back in D.C.
Honey runs into Louis Honey jogging License to Sell Louis Huang 4 26
Louis tells Jessica that Honey told him about her not getting her license. Honey is then seen running up to Louis while jogging, while he's in the car, sending him into a state of fear.
Brothers Brotherly Love Blind Spot Louis Huang 1 27
In a montage of all the moments where Jessica has been oblivious to homosexuality, Eddie and Evan are fighting in a restaurant. Jessica stops them and then compares them to a homosexual couple kissing at the other table, thinking that they are brothers.
Gang "Gang" Blind Spot Louis Huang 2 28
Continuity of the montage: Jessica and Louis are out walking at night, when a group of gays come by. Jessica hides from them, thinking that they are a gang.
Boring Movie Philadelphia Blind Spot Louis Huang 3 29
Continuity of the montage: Jessica is watching Philadelphia, criticizing how boring it is. After the cutaway, she is confused as to who was gay in that movie.
The Flying Liza The Flying Liza Blind Spot Louis Huang 4 30
Louis says that Oscar basically invented a cheer leading move called "The Flying Liza".
Frinner Frinner Dates Blind Spot Louis Huang 5 31
Flashback to the "Frinner" dates that Louis and Oscar always had. Louis thought "Frinner" meant friends dinner when it was really a Friday dinner date.
You're going to be a big bird Football Phone Blind Spot Eddie Huang 6 32
Eddie says he lost his football phone. Grandma is then seen in her room, tapping it with a spoon and believing it is an unhatched bird's egg.
Whammy Whammy! Costume Blind Spot Oscar Chow 7 33
Oscar remembers how he and Louis dressed up as Whammy! for Halloween once.
Quarter to h Quarter to "h" Very Superstitious Eddie Huang 1 34
Jessica's fear of the number 4, results in her modifying the clock to turn the 4 upside down. When she asks Emery what time it is, he says "Quarter to h".
Forbes is too close Forbes magazine Very Superstitious Eddie Huang 2 35
Louis is reading Forbes magazine, and Jessica gets ride of it, thinking that "Forbes" is too close to "Four".
Evan is second three Evan's second third birthday Very Superstitious Eddie Huang 3 36
Out of Jessica's fear of the number four, she banned it from Evan's fourth birthday. The cutaway shows Evan on his fourth birthday, cheering that he's "2nd 3" years old.
Good luck Grandma Grandma's good luck Very Superstitious Eddie Huang 4 37
Eddie says the Grandma is the most superstitious member of the family. Grandma is then seen in her room, surrounded by a bunch of Buddhist statues and candles.