Dave Selby
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Evan Hannemann
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David Selby
Also known as
David, Barefoot Dave
Manner of death
Orlando, Florida
Family members
Mrs. Selby (biological mother), Mr. Selby (biological father; absent)
David (Dave) Selby, also known as Barefoot Dave is one of Eddie's friends. He first appeared in the episode Home Sweet Home-School. He lives next door to the Huang house. He comes from a very poor family with a neglectful dad who he barely sees. His family is so poor, that they can't afford shoes for him, so he always walks around barefoot, which, obviously, is where the name "Barefoot Dave" comes from. He is played by Evan Hannemann.


It has been implied on a few instances in the show that Dave has a neglectful father. For instance: In Home Sweet Home-School, he said that he was waiting for his father to send him a birthday card, even though it was three weeks after his birthday.

Dave is an underachiever who neglects studying, as he got all Cs on his report card in the episode Home Sweet Home-School, implying that he is not very intelligent. Dave is also spoiled and treated with more respect than he deserves, as in that episode, he was rewarded by his mom with a miniature basketball play set. More about Dave's relationship with his mom was exposed in the episode The Big 1-2, when it was revealed that Dave's mom lets him do basically whatever he wants, from eating way too much junk food all the time, to farting on him mom, to basically being a complete asshole. His mom is always so nice to him and they get along with each other all day, until the very end of the night, when his mom asked him for the one rule of going to bed, causing Dave to furiously lash out at her and scream in her face that he wants her dead. He then told Eddie this this is their daily routine.

Later, he mentioned that when he got home, he was going to watch the sports channel, to try and see his father in the audience. In Fajita Man, he mentioned that his dad took him to Wal-Mart once and forgot about him, leaving him behind there. In License to Sell, he mentioned that if he ever had the chance to talk to his father, he would'nt waste it, talking about something as simple as video games.

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