Faye's girlfriend
Deb is the presumed girlfriend or wife of Faye. She appeared in the episode Blind Spot. Her name was never actually said in the show, but it's been confirmed that it is Deb. She is played by Sonya Eddy.

Deb's most defining trait is her misandry (dislike for men) in every episode she has appeared in.


Deb was a girl who was seen at the Denim Turtle. She first appeared in the episode Blind Spot. Here, she got into an argument with Faye which led to her getting her head smashed by an empty wine bottle. She then shouted that they never should have moved in so soon. This implies that they're in a very strong relationship and possibly even married or engaged. However, as of now, it's likely that because of this fight and the things they've said, they no longer like each other.

Deb returned in the episode Shaquille O'Neal Motors. Here, she served as the bartender. Louis came in to talk to Jessica and Deb took it out of context, beleiving that she was being stalked by a man. She asked Jessica if she wanted her to take care of him. Jessica told her "It's okay, he's my husband." Taking it out of context again, Deb thought this was her coming out story and without explicitly saying it, she said "Oh, that conversation." and offered her some extra trail mix to help her cope with it.

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