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Rachel Cannon
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Orlando, Florida
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Richard (husband)
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Deidre is a woman who lives in the neighbourhood. She is a stereotypical gossip girl who is the most popular woman in the neighbourhood because she's the one who's seen as the most perfect and she has the most dirt on everyone in the neighbourhood. Whenever she appears, she is surrounded by a group of her follower friends.


Deidre is a stuck up, high and mighty girl who constantly gossips about the other girls in the neighbourhood and say some very horrible things. She follows all of her sentences with a happy smile and a laugh even when she's talking about something terrible and this usually comes into action when she gossips about something extremely serious happening to someone like that person getting a divorce, getting severely injured, or even dying. Deidre is also racially insensitive, especially when it comes to Jessica. She'll say some derogatory things about the Asian culture. Deidre, out of selfishness or insensitivity, will say things like "Jessica? I was expecting something for foreign." or "She's cutting big pieces of her cake because of communism." Because of this, Jessica had her feelings hurt about this and she turned to Honey as her new friend.

To sum it up, most of the neighborhood dislikes her, but they all follow her and be friends with her because everyone else is, and they're afraid that they'll be shunned if they don't.

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