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Evan Huang (Chinese Name: Chih Fu) is one of Eddie's younger brothers. He is one of the main characters in Fresh Off the Boat. He is played by Ian Chen.


Evan Huang is born in 1987. He is the last born child of the Huang family. When his parents conceived him, they wanted him to be a girl and were going to name him "Emily", but named him "Evan" instead when he turned out to be a boy. Evan grew up in Chinatown, D.C. with the rest of his family until one day, when he was about 7 or 8 years old, his family moved to Orlando, Florida. Unlike the rest of his family, excluding Emery, Evan did very well at adapting to his new life in Orlando. On his first day of school, he made a lot of new friends and most notably befriended a kid named JayJay who he described as "A hilarious fat kid with him in his classroom." However, by the second day of school, Evan was sick with the flu because he ate some string cheese that JayJay gave him.


Evan is a goody-two-shoes, star student who does everything right and obeys all the rules, simply for the sake of doing so. He has a more friendly relationship with his parents than he does with other kids. He is good friends with Emery and they have an emotional bond with each other. Eddie on the other hand, is his target for snitching on whenever he does something even the slightest bit out of line.

In "We Done Son", Evan became cruel and domineering thanks to the abuse he has endured with his family who have neglected his opinions and requests. This influenced him to become a control freak towards his friend Jay Jay. Jessica is to blame for Evan's new personality, as he inherited this aggression from his mother, which Jessica herself inherited from being abused as a young girl back in her childhood by her mother.


  • In the episode "Hi, My Name Is ...", it was revealed that his born-name was Chih Fu. His parents chose the American name "Evan" at random, because writing "F"s in cursive was hard.
  • It is a running gag in the series for people to mention that Evan's parents wanted him to be a girl. In Showdown at the Golden Saddle, it was mentioned that his intended name was to be "Emily".
  • Evan is lactose intolerant, revealed in the Pilot episode, when he got sick with the flu from eating string cheese, given to him by his friend, JayJay.
    • He's also allergic to nuts, as revealed in "No Thanks-giving".
  • Evan is played by Ian Chen. In the episode Very Superstitious, a flashback to Evan when he was younger was seen. The actor who portrayed Evan's younger self was Ian's younger brother, Max Chen.

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