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The Female Huang Family Member is a made up character that Louis fantasized about, when dreaming of what his life would be like if he had a female child in his family.


The Female Huang Family member first appeared in the episode Boy II Man, where Louis fantasized about what his life would be like if he had a female child in the family. He imagined having so many good memories with her as a montage of all of the main stages of her life went by. However, when he asked Jessica to have another baby, she rejected it, saying that they have enough kids already and that she doesn't want a female child because when it gets to the point when she's a teenager, things will go to all-out hell between the two of them. Louis tried multiple things to convince her to have another baby, but she rejected every one of them. Eventually, Louis had given up and decided that they don't need a girl baby, officially putting an end to any chances of Female Huang ever existing and so she would only live on in his fantasies where she was born and lived a full life. We will now tell you the biography of her life inside of Louis' fantasy.

Emily was a very happy baby as a child. She was a blissful little bundle of joy who laughed and smiled and enjoyed playing games and doing all things that babies do. She was seen holding hands with her daddy, while he dances around with her in the living room, having loads of fun and making her laugh.

When she was a teenager, she enjoyed watching old Gangster movies with her dad, unlike the rest of her disrespectful and horrific family. She always happily and willingly watched the shows with him and enjoyed them in the same way he did and it made him happy to know she did that. She was very polite and nice and wonderful and the only ray of sunlight in the dark and baroning family of hellions in Louis Huang's miserable dead end life.

When she was adult, she was very happy and had successful. She married a very nice man who was her true soul mate. Louis gave her a teary-eyed goodbye and hesitantly gave her up on her wedding day, and could not control his emotions as he watched his little baby go up to the pastor or whatever religion that they have and get married. Jessica, on the other hand, being the pain in the neck, she always is, ruined the moment by saying that just because she's getting married, doesn't mean she's permitted to get fat.


The Female Huang Family Member is a very nice and sweet girl who is very polite and likable to everyone. She never complains or causes any trouble and she loves everyone in her family.


  • Technically, this girl isn't real because she was only a person who Louis had dreamed of having in his fantasy, meaning that she had technically never existed.
  • Although her name was never mentioned, it is possible that her name is Emily because as mentioned in the series, multiple times before, Louis and Jessica were wanting their third child to be a girl, but instead, they got Evan. However, if she did turn out being a girl, her name would be Emily. This name would have also been given to this girl too.