Gary Olsen
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Gary Olsen
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Cory Blevins
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Gary Olsen
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Orlando, Florida
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Gary Olsen is the father of Alison Olsen. He appeared in the episode Phil's Phalves. He is played by Cory Blevins.


Gary made his first appearance in the episode Phil's Phalves, where he played a minor role. After finally working up the courage to do so, Eddie calls Alison over the phone. However, before he can speak, Gary picks up the phone and ends up on the same line as both of them and talks before Eddie, confusing Alison. To make things worse, Eddie's father, Louis also gets on the line and makes a very confusin conversation. Gary assumes that whoever Louis is, he's making some kind of a prank call. Eddie hangs up the phone to get out of the conversation. Later in the episode, Gary is seen downstairs, dancing to the song that Eddie is playing for Alison, while listening on the phone, and singing along to it.

In the episode Keep 'Em Separated, Gary's voice was heard, yelling at Alison to get down there and eat her dinner before her brother did.

He appeared again with a larger role in The Taming of the Dads, where he becomes friends with Louis through their common interest of Shakespeare. Alison sees how much fun they have together compared to her and Eddie, and calls to tell him that she wants to take a break from their relationship. Eddie tells Louis, who proceeds to break off their friendship for their children, and they part with one last Shakespeare reference.