Golden Saddle
The Golden Saddle is an all American restaurant that is the rival of Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse. Golden Saddle is founded and owned by Finnegan. It is a running gag in the show for people to believe that Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse is a rip-off of the Golden Saddle, which was proven to be entirely true in Showdown at the Golden Saddle.


In the episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, Cattleman's Ranch started to suffer vandalism from Finnegan, responding to them ripping him off. Louis and Jessica went to the Golden Saddle, which turned out to look almost identical to that of Cattleman's Ranch. Louis told the story of how he ripped them off. He was originally going to buy a franchise from them, but it was way too much money for them, and so he took a pamphlet of the franchise into the bathroom with him and escaped through the window, then started up his own restaurant, and based it off of that.




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  • The Golden Saddle is a parody on The Golden Corral, a real-life American chain of buffets.