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Chelsey Crisp
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Marvin (Husband), Nichole (Stepdaughter), Maria (Daughter)
S1 - S5
Honey is a recurring character in Season 1, then promoted to main character afterwards. She is the next door neighbor of the Huangs. She first appeared in the episode The Shunning.

Her name appears to coincide with her cheerful, optimistic personality.


In her debut, The Shunning, Deidre and the other neighborhood girls were gossiping about Honey, with Evan present in the room. They accused Honey of having caused the divorce of a marriage between Marvin and Sarah and getting a hair salon boycotted. At this time, Jessica was trying to fit in with people and make new friends in the neighborhood. Being the only woman in the whole neighborhood who is willing to eat her homemade tofu and like Stephen King movies as much as she does, she befriended Honey. This was all until Evan told her and Louis the news about what she did, making Louis push her not to ruin her reputation with the other girls by befriending her. Honey later on mourns that these were all regrettable mistakes that she isn't proud of, and therefore Jessica was able to see that Honey isn't such a bad person after all. Honey also served as persuading Jessica to pursue her dream of becoming a house realtor and not give up just because the real estate license exam was difficult.

In the same episode, Eddie fell in love with Honey and wanted to get her attention, even though this was mainly to impress his friends. However, this was not an easy feat because he did nothing but confuse her and throw her off guard by acting like a macho guy, and doing stuff like buying her candy and pimp walking in front of her. It came to the point where he offended her. After already being bullied and shunned by the other neighborhood girls, Honey was the victim of Eddie throwing cards at her the way people throw money at strippers, making her feel like that's all she's good for. After her friendship with Jessica was reconciled, she went back to Eddie and made an agreement with him. She would hug him in front of his friends, to restore his cool factor with them. So they did, and Eddie firmly grabbed her love handles, making things very uncomfortable for her. Eddie's love for Honey quickly ended afterwards, as Honey's stepdaughter, Nichole came back to the neighborhood, and Eddie found a new love interest for her, which lasted for more than one episode, and blowing his love for Honey straight out of the water.

Despite how the show often depicts Honey as a cheerfully nice person, she can be a hypocrite like in "Keep 'Em Separated" when she refused to let Louis chat with her even though she had nothing to do but chat with Jessica.

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