Justin Chu is a cousin of Eddie's from D.C. and the son of Connie and Steve Chu. He is a very depressed and quiet emo kid who doesn't care about anything. He appeared in the episode Success Perm. He is played by Lance Lim.


Justin and Eddie used to be good friends back in D.C. Back then, he was a happier and more child-like kid who used to laugh and have fun with Eddie. He showed that he was a fan of the N.W.A. a rap group from the 80's and was the person who introduced their music to Eddie. Ever since he first heard it, he became obsessed with rap music and everything else of the African American culture. Later in his life, Justin started to feel like he was growing up and stopped listening to rap music and stopped doing all of the things he used to have fun doing. He bagan losing interest in everything and eventually became very despressed and bland because he felt that it was immature and childish of him to have fun. Since then, he has been expressing no emotion over anything and has only done depressing things, making him an emo.

Younger justin when he was NOT an annoyingly sad boy

At the end of the episode, Justin freaks out when he discovers his dad is in debt, kept him and his mom Connie manipulated into thinking that they were rich upper class, and that his property and house is at risk of repossession now that Steve can't even pay off his Miata. He then apologizes to Eddie for his gloomy pessimistic attitude later on, claiming that he vows to change his ways.

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