"Hey, boo. I got you that soda."

Kim is Emery's first girlfriend. She made her first appearance in the Pilot. She is a girl who goes to school with him. She was his girlfriend for at least two days until he supposedly broke up with her and started going out with a Blonde Haired Girl whose name was never mentioned. Kim is played by Aubrey K. Miller.


Kim is a nice little school girl. She seems nice and sweet and innocent enough. She does, however, have a more grown-up side of her personality which is her relationship with Emery. She is a very loyal girlfriend to him and she serves him, doing the things he wants her to do as she was seen fetching him a soda in her first appearance.


  • "Hi Mrs. Huang."
  • "Bye Mrs. Huang."
  • "Hey, boo. I got you that soda."