Lucinda is the ex-wife of Marvin. She was the first of Marvin's three wives, with Sarah being the second and Honey being the third and current one. She has never appeared in the series, but has been mentioned in the episode Love and Loopholes. When Marvin divorced her, he decided not to tell his next two wives about her because he believed that it would make his relationship with that woman seem more likely to also end in divorce. In Love and Loopholes, he told Evan the secret about Lucinda, thinking that he wouldn't tell Honey, but sure enough, he did, much to her discontent. Not much was said about her, except that she was the fiddler of a western country band. Honey has been shown in other episodes to know that Sarah existed and was divorced by Marvin, meaning that he was okay with telling her about Sarah, but not Lucinda. The reason for that would be that Marvin and Sarah had Nichole as their child and they time shared custody over her, so because of her always coming to the house, Marvin had no choice but to be honest with Honey about his previous ex-wife, but still kept it on the low down about Lucinda.