Luna Blaise
Luna Blaise
Name Luna Blaise
Sex Female
Birthday October 1, 2001

Luna Blaise is the actress who portrays Nichole in Fresh Off the Boat. She is best known, not only for her Fresh off the Boat role, but also for her character as Nina in the independent film Memoria, which was the place of her acting breakthrough. She is currently 17 years old.


Luna Blaise was born on October 1, 2001 in Los Angeles. Both of her parents are in the entertainment industry. Her father, Paul Boyd is a director and her mother, Angelyna Martinez works alongside him. Ever since she was 5, she has grown up starring in commercials and modeling to be the poster child of brands such as Target, McDonalds, Gap, Dunkin Hines, KFC, and many more. Throughout her entire childhood, Luna has always shown to have a true calling for acting. She always liked to play dress-up and invent new characters of her own to act as. Her official acting breakthrough was as a girl named Nina in the independent film, Memoria. Since then, she has been starring in other movies and TV shows, playing the roles of major characters. She also dreams of working with Steven Spielberg in the future of her acting career.


  • Luna was born on the Eve Harvest of the full moon. This is an interesting coincidence, considering her first name "Luna" is the Spanish word for "Moon".