Mitchell (Mitch) is a recurring character in Fresh off the boat. He is a co-worker at Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse who's pretty stupid and is the "goof off" of the group. In the episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, he has betrayed Eddie's family, and went to work at golden saddle, only to come back in the next episode because of how horribly they treated him there over the course of two days. In certain episodes, he is referred to as a "goldfish" by Jessica.


In the first episode, Louis said that he thought that Mitch, a white man, being the waiter would be a better way to make the image of Cattleman's Ranch more American and that the citizens of Orlando may ignore it if even the employees were Asian like they are.

In Home Sweet Home-School , he has a habit of eating croutons from the salad bar, to which Jessica sharply objects since she feels her family must pay for those crouton boxes and Mitch can often steal croutons at an awful fast rate, but Louis has no problem with this. Mitch will actually even resort to slacking off and singing (specifically about croutons in the style of the Pina Colada song) rather than doing his job if Louis were in charge and not Jessica.

Mitch loves croutons so much

Mitch's habit of taking croutons from the salad bar (despite that croutons are not expensive, Jessica objects to this)

In Success Perm, The Chu Family came to visit the Huangs and Louis wanted to make Cattleman's look successful when they all went there. He called Mitch, telling him to get as many people in there as he could. Mitch called over friends to come to the restaurant and also made other employees there pose as customers. He was also seen dating a girl named Charlene in this episode, despite him saying that he had a wife in the pilot episode.

Mitch also wanted to do the job of delivering fajitas in Fajita Man, but Louis felt only Eddie was capable of doing so. This would later prove correct, as when Nancy and Mitch covered for Eddie, they spilled fajitas and therefore the restaurant lost money.

Captain BOOK not HOOK

Mitch dressed as pirate "Captain Book"

In Persistent Romeo, he was one of the people who was at Dusty Nugget's sexual harassment meeting at the workplace.

In Showdown at the Golden Saddle, he quit his job at Cattleman's Ranch to go work at the Golden Saddle.

In Phillip Goldstein, he returned to his job at Cattleman's Ranch, saying that after only two days of working at the Golden Saddle, he had been treated horribly by his boss and so he left and returned once again. When he returned, Louis decided to rehire him and also ordered him to fire Wyatt. He also revealed in this episode that he was sexually intimate with Nancy, meaning that his relationship with Charlene in Success Perm is over, and implying again that he cheats on his wife.

In a flashback in Shaquille O'Neal Motors, he held a surprise anniversary party for Jessica while at the same time holding a chocolate cake. However, as soon as Jessica turned on the lights, she immediately knocked out Mitchell in the face who actually kept holding the cake perfectly still as he hit the floor.

Mitchell claims he can't even remember Evan and Emery's names in "No Thanks-giving", nor can he even tell them apart, claiming he sees all Asians as looking alike. He worries if this makes him a racist in any capacity.

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