Movies-N-More is a corner store that mainly sells videos for movies. It will sometimes appear in episodes of the show if anyone wants to buy a film.


Movies-N-More first appeared in The Shunning, where Louis was at the store, asking the clerk for any NASCAR videos. The Clark was confused and Louis was oblivious to what NASCAR was at the time. Meanwhile, Jessica saw a clip for The Shining on TV, and started quoting it at the same time Honey was, making them first meet. Eddie shortly after started trying to seduce Honey as he interacted with her fir the first time.

Movies-N-More was seen again in Persistent Romeo, where Eddie, Evan, and Emery went there so that Eddie could steal a pornographic movie from the adult section, while Evan and Emery made a mess to distract the clerk. Eddie was caught in the act by Brock, who found out the truth about him not having a dirty movie. Brock didn't tell anyone because he thought it would be funnier to watch him crash and burn at the sleepover. Eddie gave up on his plan and shorty after, Evan band Emery were thrown out, and Eddie went along with them.

Episode Appearances