Mrs. Uveda
Mrs. Uveda is the teacher for Eddie's home room class at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. SHe is played by Brooke Baumer.


Mrs. Uveda first appeared in the Pilot episode, where she introduced Eddie to the class. She read his actual Chinese name and struggled to pronounce it right, until Eddie stopped her, telling people to address him by his American name, making her sigh in relief and say "Thank God" under her breath.

Mrs. Uveda returned in the episode Phillip Goldstein, where she was one of the stupid teachers who paired Eddie up with Phillip Goldstein, only because they were both Chinese.

Mrs. Uveda appeared again, making a cameo in the episode License to Sell. She appeared in a cutaway, showing Eddie get sent to detention for saying that Oprah sucks.

Episode Appearances


  • Mrs. Uveda make a brief cameo appearance in the episode License to Sell. However, nowhere did her actor, Brooke Baumer, get credit for portraying her in the episode.