Curly Haired Boy
Ned is a kid who goes to Abraham Lincoln Middle School. He serves as a background character and has occasional speaking roles. He is played by Nick Gore.


He first appeared in he episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, where he was seen getting out of the car with a friend, after carpooling with him. He heard Eddie talking, while hiding in the bush and was confused as to why a bush talked. Eddie suddenly started running away and he pointed at him, calling him a "Bush kid".

He appeared again in Very Superstitious where he and a bunch of other kids were listening to Scottie Pippen. He introduced some shoes to the kids and asked if anyone wanted to wear them. The curly haired boy declined and said that Andrew did, simply because he was black.

He was seen making a non-speaking cameo in the episode, Boy II Man, entering Mr. Fisher's classroom.

In the episode Good Morning Orlando, he served as a messenger for Eddie and Allison's conversations because they were too confused and new to relationships to understand how to talk to each other directly. It was revealed that his name was Ned.

Episode Appearances