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Luna Blaise
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Orlando, Florida
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Sarah (biological mother), Honey (adoptive stepmother), Marvin (biological father)

Nichole is a recurring character in Fresh off the boat. She is the next door neighbor of the Huangs and Eddie's former love interest. She made her first appearance in The Shunning. She is played by Luna Blaise.


Nichole made her first appearance at the end of the episode The Shunning. Shortly after Eddie had finally hugged Honey, he saw Nichole step out of the car and he immediately fell in love with her. Nichole walked through the party and went past some kids playing volleyball where she slapped the ball out of the air, ruining their game and started dancing while Eddie watched in awe. Honey welcomed her back and Nichole rudely returned by calling her a slut. Right after she did that, she saw her had and she happily greeted him with a hug. She was seen in the background when Eddie got impaled by a lawn dart, looking at him. She didn't seem to care about it though. At the end of the episode, it was at night and once Honey moved out of the way, Nichole was standing behind her, looking out the window, where she saw Eddie staring at her. Eddie waved to her and in return, Nichole flicked him off and walked away. Eddie didn't care about this as he still aspired to become her boyfriend one day. Before her first physical appearance in the episode, she was mentioned by Honey when she said that her step-daughter would really like Jessica's food.

Nichole returned in the episode Persistent Romeo. Eddie came to her door and Nichole angrily opened it and stared him down. Eddie was speechless for a while, staring at her beauty. Nichole spoke up asking what he wanted from her and Eddie told her that he wanted to shoot a dirty video of her as he gestured over to a car where there was a hose, a sponge, some high heels, and a bikini bottom lying there. Without even responding, Nichole rolled her eyes and slammed the door in his face. Eddie didn't care, as he was still standing there, smiling.

In episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, she got on the bus with her friend and Eddie started staring at her until her friend caught him staring and lashed out at him. He then went to sleep and had a dream about sitting in the back of the bus with Nichole and getting her to fall in love with him by playing his music for her. Later, he got the brilliant idea to make her go carpooling with him to get closer to him. He asked Honey about it and she said that she'll ask her if she wants to do it but then stopped herself, saying that first she'll ask her father and then he'll ask her, revealing that Nichole refuses to talk to her and that they have to do everything through Marvin. However, Nichole didn't go carpooling with him because it was mentioned that she was happier on the bus and she refused to it. Later in the episode, she was forced to babysit the Huang family while Jessica and Louis were away. Eddie was really happy to see her but Nichole hated the entire thing. Eddie hit on her and flirted with her a lot but Nichole ignored him. Eventually, Eddie ate something that gave him explosive diarrhea and he spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom, while Nichole just watched TV with Evan and Emery. While she was, she saw his rap music disc on the table and listened to it. She also stole it and left with it. At the end of the episode, she was seen getting on the bus where she talked to Eddie, saying that she really liked his music. Eddie smiled as Nichole sat in her seat listening to his music which made her smile lovingly, pushing Eddie and Nichole one step closer to having a relationship.

In episode License to Sell, she was first seen getting sent to detention where the teacher said that she'd be "spending the rest of her life in" to which Nichole responded saying that "she at least has a life". Eddie decided to get into detention with her by saying "Oprah sucks" in class which struck terror in all of students and the teacher. He sat next to Nichole in detention and flirted with her. Nichole was apparently not interested as she left to go to the bathroom, and had him hold on to her sack lunch. The teacher saw him with it and he got in trouble for it as she accused him of hoarding Chinese ninja stars into the room. Later, he got invited to her house, revealing that they must have a potential relationship as of the events of the previous episode. Nichole told him that she was learning all about making tattoos and piercings because that's what she wanted to do for a living. She tattooed his arms and pierced his ear which was really painful to him. Eddie also had to give up going to the mall with his friends and meeting Shaquille o'neal in person just because he wanted to spend time with Nichole instead. At the end of the episode, Nichole got closer to Eddie, telling him that she really liked doing that stuff to him and that most guys aren't brave enough to do what he did. She also told him that he didn't miss anything with his friends because Shaq wasn't really at the mall and that it was just a really tall black guy wearing a yellow jumpsuit. Eddie told her that he already heard that news and he walked off where Nichole smiled and waved to him.

In episode So Chineez, she was at the North Orlando Country Club, driving the golf cart for her father and Louis to the tennis courts. When she let them off, she drove off to go to the pool and her father yelled at her that when she got there, she wasn't allowed to wear a bikini and instead wear a normal, less revealing swimsuit. Nichole most likely ignored this, as she didn't respond to him. She was later seen at the end of the episode, when she came out of her house and Eddie started talking to her, telling her that he's a member of the country club now. Nichole was happy to hear this and Eddie told her that he would probably be able to get a food named after her. Nichole told him that being a member there already, she already has gotten a food named after her called "The Nichole Slaw". Eddie just bluntly acknowledged this, by still standing by his statement, making her laugh and roll her eyes as she walked away.

Nichole made her season two debut in the episode Family Business Trip, where she and Eddie were talking on the last day of school. Nichole was going to leave Abraham Lincoln Middle School and go to high school next year, meaning that Eddie would no longer be around her anymore. At the end of the episode, on the first day of Eddie's second year at school, Nichole returned, revealing that she got held back a year and blew off summer school so that she would continue to stay around that year.

Nichole was mentioned in the episode The Fall Ball, but not actually seen. Eddie was sitting at home, depressed and not going to the middle school dance with Alison, fearing that he had no chances with her. When Louis asked him about this, Eddie told him that when he tried to start a relationship with Nichole, she rejected him and things didn't work out between them. Because of this, he had no reason to try starting a relationship with Alison.

As of episode Miracle on Dead Street (the Halloween special), Eddie no longer had any romantic tension with Nichole and they are now friends, just like they used to be, only without him constantly hitting on her and her blowing him off in return. Nichole came up to the boys at lunch, and told them that on Halloween, she and her friends are just going to dress up and terrorize young children. Later, some Teenage Boys were terrorizing The Huang House, planning on egging it. Eddie came up with a plan to get rid of gem, by summoning Nichole and her friends to confront them. Nichole and her friends talked trash about the teenage boys and degraded their masculinity, causing them to run off and leave The Huang Family alone because like Eddie said, "Nothing scares teenage boys more than teenage girls."

Nichole was mentioned but not seen in the episode The Big 1-2. Jessica was talking to Honey about Eddie not wanting her to throw him a birthday party. She told her that because of this, she wasn't throwing him a party. Honey stopper her there, saying that Nichole did the same thing to her, but when she did, Nichole cried because the whole time, she really did want a party. She only to,d her that she didn't want one because she wanted it to be a surprise birthday party.

Nichole was mentioned but not seen in the episode Love and Loopholes, despite the fact that there were many scenes that took place in her house, such as a dinner scene that happened late at night. It's possible that she was out prostituting herself or hanging out with her friends while this was happening, so she could not be at home with her family. She was mentioned when Evan described Sarah as "Nichole's mom." Marvin told Evan that she was married to another woman named Lucinda before Sarah and never told Honey about her. The concept of him not telling her about Lucinda, but actually telling her about Sarah would seem strange, but because of Nichole, keeping his previous marriage with Sarah a secret from Honey would be virtually impossible. So, even though she didn't appear in the episode, her existence in the series played an important role in this episode, helping fill in an empty plot hole in the storyline.

Nichole appeared again for a minor role in the episode Phil's Phalves. Eddie wanted to make a very horrible mix tape for Reba so he had Nichole come over and give him a bunch of very horrible discs to make recordings of. Nichole is apparently aware of Eddie's relationship with Alison now, as she mentioned in in their conversation. She assumed that Eddie was making the mix tape for her and asked why he wanted to break up with her. Eddie told her the real story and asked her about Chris. She said that she was still just as in love with him as she was before, still laughing at all his jokes and she has even started using the nickname "Hot Chris" for him. As Nichole walked away, she happily turned back and made the harmless joke "For the record, you never made me a mix tape." Referencing to either the time when Eddie was doing things to try and win over Nichole, much to her exasperated discontent, or when they were good friends and Nichole possibly saw Eddie as a boyfriend, making a one-sided relationship between the two.

In B as in Best Friends, Nichole is seen with a new car Marvin gave her for not being held back again. She and Eddie hang out (as the Huangs have been staying at Honey and Marvin's house) and Nichole asks Eddie if they could talk more and invites him to dinner at the Spicy Gecko, giving Eddie the impression that she was asking him out on a date (despite him already having a girlfriend). At dinner, Eddie blurts out that Nichole can't be Eddie's girlfriend because he already has a great one. However, he seriously misread the situation as Nichole was trying to come out as gay to him. The ride back home was largely awkward and Nichole tells Eddie that she hasn't come out to anyone else yet and the reason she told Eddie was because he was so easy to talk to. Eddie then starts asking Nichole some (weird) questions about being gay, which she smiles then answers.


Nichole is a very popular girl with a short-tempered personality. She has very high standards and gets annoyed when people who are "below her league" such as Eddie try to talk to her. She is concerned with her appearance and she considers it part of her character and it makes her likeable. She has taken a linking to becoming a fashion designer and she practices it now even though she may not be entirely experienced with it and sometimes tries to do things that she's not ready for yet. Nichole is very rebellious and she doesn't care about the rules and constantly gets into trouble which she never takes seriously or learns from as shown in License to Sell, when she was shown to constantly get into detention on a regular basis and even made the teacher have a personal hatred for her. She hates her stepmother and bullies her at home because she's not her real mom, which also might be the reason for the rest of her rule breaking and careless personality.


  • Eddie Huang: Eddie has an open crush on Nichole but she doesn't love him back. Her standards are too high for him and she is way out of his league. Nichole will mostly ignore Eddie and act like he doesn't exist and when she does acknowledge him, she is excessively rude to him. In the episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, Nichole started to become friends with Eddie and started so mildly like him. In the episode Boy II Man, Nichole fell in love with a guy named Chris and ended Eddie's chances of being in a relationship with her, making Eddie feel depressed, until he moved onto Alison. That she was ever in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship before then is debatable, as in the episode Phil's Phalves, Nichole and Eddie were talking about the people who they moved onto afterwards. When Eddie told Nichole about how he made a mixtape for his new girlfriend, Nichole told him "For the record, you never made me a mix tape". This could either mean that she considered her Eddie a boyfriend at one point after the events of Showdown at the Golden Saddle, making their relationship a one-sided relationship on her side, or she could have been referencing to before the events of Showdown at the Golden Saddle, where Eddie was always stalking her and trying to make her love him by doing multiple things to swoon her over. She could have meant that while he was stalking her, he never tried making her a mix tape to try and win her heart.
  • Honey: Honey is Nichole's step-mother and for some unexplained reason, Nichole hates her mom and will mostly act like she doesn't even exist. Although, it is arguable that the explanation for her behaviour toward her is because she's angry that she's not her real mom. Honey is always really offended by this but she never punishes her anymore because she never learns from it and always strongly rebels against it to the point where she gets what she wants. So in response, Honey is just really nice to Nichole and tries desperately to make her love her or at least not hate her. Every time Honey dares to talk to her, Nichole will openly express complete rudeness and hatred for her by doing things such as calling her a "slut" which makes her fear her and know not to ever speak to her. Sometimes, she makes the mistake of doing this but whenever she gets deeply offended by her, she tries painfully to hide it behind a smile.
  • Marvin: Unlike her relationship with her mom, Nichole really loves her dad a lot and she treats her just like a normal kid would treat her dad. She also refers to her dad as "daddy". In "The Shunning", when returning home, she happily greeted her dad enthusiastically and with a smile and a hug. In "Showdown at the Golden Saddle", it was revealed that whenever Honey has anything to say to Nichole, she has to do it through Marvin. Marvin likes Nichole and loves her like any normal father would love his daughter. In "Boy II Man", Nichole was asking her mom for extra money when it wasn't time for her allowance to come in and she was rejecting it. She then turned to Marvin and he happily allowed to to have it. Marvin doesn't ever respond to, or even seem to care about how much she hates Honey.
  • Tazanna: Tazanna is Nichole's best friend. Not much of them has been seen of their interactions yet, except for what was shown in Showdown at the Golden Saddle, they were show to sit on the bus with each other every day. Tazanna is protective of her friend because when she saw Eddie staring at her, she lashed out at him for it. Later, when Nichole was on the bus with her, she was listening to music and so Tazanna just bluntly left her alone.
  • Chris: Chris is Nichole's current love interest. Nichole immediately fell in love with Chris when he first came to her school in the episode "Boy II Man". She forced herself to laugh at all of his jokes, when she didn't legitimately think they were funny, because she wanted him to like her too. Chris became Nichole's tutor and started to come over to her house, to tutor her every week day. It is unknown if the two of them have started dating, but it is implied that they are as they were seen holding hands during Eddie's musical number. Then again, it can be argued that this was only in his fantasy and didn't actually happen. In the episode "Phil's Phalves", Nichole mentioned him again and addressed him as "Hot Chris". She's still fake laughing at all of his jokes as before, but it is still unclear if they are dating or not.

Episode Appearances


  • In her first appearance, Nichole was dressed like a video girl with all of her hair pushed back and put in a ponytail and with loop earrings, which could have been a subtle reason for Eddie falling in love with her at that moment, tapping into his cultural obsession for African American culture.