Officer George Bryson


Officer George Bryson is a cop in Orlando who is close friends with the Huang family. He debuted in the episode Success Perm, where he was on the phone with Steve Chu. He is played by Alex Quijano.


Officer Bryson debuted in the episode Success Perm, where Steve Chu had his car stolen and he called the police for help. Officer Bryson picked up and Steve told him that he had a new Miata that was stolen. Officer Bryson told him that he was lying about it being new because he had a true calling of knowledge on Japanese automobiles and he knew that they didn't make Miatas in that color anymore, which was a very victorious situation for the Huangs trying to prove that they were better than the Chus.

Officer Bryson returned in the episode Showdown at the Golden Saddle, where Louis found that his billboard had been vandalized. He pulled off the road and Officer Bryson helped him with finding the suspect.

Officer Bryson appeared again in License to Sell, where Ashley Alexander called him on Jessica for selling houses without a realtor license. It was revealed then that George was actually very close friends with the Huang family at this time and that he was a regular customer at Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse. So regular that there was a caricature of him on the wall. Jessica went to her car to get the license but what she was really doing was escaping. Bryson, being the idiot he is, didn't do anything when she was, still believing that she wasn't up to anything bad.

Officer Bryson appeared again, making his season two debut in the episode Miracle on Dead Street, where Jessica came to the police station, trying to get them to arrest some teenage boys who threatened to egg her house on Halloween, but the police wouldn't comply because that day was a holiday and they were all too interested in that. She called out Officer Bryson to help her, only to find out that he too was too interested in it, dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and committing to his costume.

Bryson nervous

Bryson shivering in fear

He has one scene in the Season 2 episode "Rent Day", where he was called upon (rather angrily) by Jessica for help. So traumatized and scared Bryson was that ironically, his reaction is close to that of a nervous civilian being pulled over for speeding while Jessica acted like the angry police officer. Jessica asks him for help in clearing out the pesky husband and wife pair Jordan and Raquel who are using up her house as their own place despite refusing to pay rent. Bryson dismissed Jessica's requests to arrest them, claiming that there is not grounds to arrest Jordan and Raquel because Jessica is the one who rented to them, so she has to handle it without the police's assistance.  

Bryson dresses up as Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle again for "Louisween".  


Not much is known about Bryson, but he is a well-intentioned police officer. He is also very scared of Jessica because of her short violent temper and he gets nervous when he faces her.

Episode Appearances


  • In the episode Success Perm, it was revealed he was very passionate in knowledge of Japanese automobiles. Some audiences misheard Bryson said he was a "gay man enthusiast" but he actually said "Cayman enthusiast".
  • In the episode License to Sell, it was revealed that his first name was "George" and that he is a regular customer at Cattleman's Ranch Steakhouse.
  • He appears to be quite fond of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as he repeatedly dresses up as several of the characters for Halloween.