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Phillip Goldstein is a student at Abraham Lincoln Middle School who first appeared in the episode Phillip Goldstein and was later, briefly returned in the episode Very Superstitious. He is a kid who was constantly being paired up with Eddie by all the teachers just because they're both Chinese. He and Eddie really don't like each other but everyone still thinks they're perfect best friends just because of their ethnicities. He is played by Albert Tsai.


Phillip Goldstein first appeared in the episode Phillip Goldstein. Jessica takes immediately liking to Phillip for practicing cello very much and having very strong determination in school work unlike Eddie, which led to Jessica strongly favoring Phillip over Eddie. Phillip also heavily instructs Eddie to do ridiculous demands such as putting the money in his own pocket and buying things for him claiming that this is because of Shabbat.

However, at the end of the episode Jessica finds that Phillip is selfish as he doesn't care if harm happens to Eddie, having abandoned him at the concert just cause he didn't want to go, and for a bonus objection, Phillip disobeyed Shabbat as while he hypocritically ordered Eddie to obey it. Jessica then treats Eddie to the next week concert deciding that Eddie is a better person than Phillip is.

Phillip Goldstein briefly appeared again in the episode Very Superstitious, where he was seen as one of the kids, running for class president. He was giving out fliers to people, and wearing his yarmulke. He did not have a major role in here and this was his only return for the rest of the series, so this was just supposed to be a nice little appearance for him.

Phillip Goldstein's character was reprised again for another major role in the season 2 volume 2 episode, Phil's Phalves. In this episode, Louis and Jessica are shocked to see that someone wrote a bad review of Cattleman's on the internet. They contact the critic to come back again and give Cattleman's another chance. When he comes, it is revealed to be Phillip Goldstein. The service given to him was so annoying, that he gave the restaurant an even lower grade this time around. Louis and Jessica eventually got revenge on him by writing an angry blog post about him, saying that he has horrible opinions. This sparked a riot among the PTA, saying that they were Cyberbullying or "Net Teasing" as they called it in the episode. Phillip devised another mischievous plan, and acted very over dramatic about this in order to shame Louis and Jessica into admitting their net teasing and that got them to take down their website for good.


Phillip Goldstein is Jewish, as his adopted Israeli parents command him to practice their religious beliefs such as Shabbat. He even wears a yarmulke. Phillip is very committed to his religion and never lets any of the rules slide. When it comes to Shabbat, and he's going out on Friday, he has to store his money in his pocket and have a friend handle it for him. Even his parents are less committed than him, as they want to let some rules of the religion "slide", but Phillip, being the obedient Jewish-law abider he is, won't let them.

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  • Phillip Goldstein was originally intended to only be a one-time character, but due to popular demand, he was returned in season 2, and he had then become a recurring character.
  • Despite being Chinese, Phillip does not actually know how to speak or understand the Chinese language. However, he does know how to speak Yiddish, very fluently. Both of these traits are revealed in the episode Phil's Phalves.