Principal Hunter
Principal Charlie Hunter is the principal at Abraham Lincoln Middle School. He first appeared in the Pilot. He is played by David Goldman. He is a recurring antagonist of the TV series since he's always going after Eddie.


Charlie Hunter is usually cheerful about the way he does his job, believing he is competent for being a school principal. However, we can see that he is thin-skinned and usually insensitive to the situations of his students, particularly Eddie. Hunter enjoys humiliating or punishing the children at his school, especially the show's protagonist Eddie.


He is an antagonist in the Pilot episode. He starts complaining to Louis and Jessica for Eddie's use of a slang but the parents dominate over the argument claiming that Eddie did not start the fight and that he was called a racial slur, "chink" (applied to Asians, mainly Chinese) as well, to which the school as well as Hunter did not see as offensive. Hunter then goes on to threaten to suspend Eddie, but the parents do not take this as an acceptable counter response, claiming that they could instead use legal action against the school. With Hunter losing the argument because he is now speechless, Louis happily claims "that's the American way" and offers him a coupon (free onion blossom for any entree and drink) to their restaurant.

At the beginning of the episode Home Sweet Home-School, he was seen making a parent teacher announcement to the parents of everyone at the school, telling them about a man who was selling drugs to kids and getting them high by licking the drug off stickers, which confirms that particular drug was LSD, or lysergic acid. The first reaction Jessica had to this, was asking when report cards came out, thinking that was a more important cause, making Principal Hunter very put off and confused about her. She later on demanded that school be made more difficult for Eddie or he be placed in a Chinese Learning Center program, getting furious that Eddie got all straight A's.

He appeared again in Persistent Romeo, when he confronted Jessica and Louis about Eddie sending a sexual harassment video around the school, to a bunch of other kids. He demanded that they teach him the facts of life, which they really didn't want to to because they felt he was still too young.

Charlie rebecca

In Phillip Goldstein, Principal Hunter introduced Eddie to the new student at the school, Phillip Goldstein and expected them to be great friends with each other, only because they were both Asian. Eddie immediately found this out, but Principal Hunter denied this and tried to hide it, but made it very obvious that he was showing insensitive racial slight toward them. He later revealed that the only reason he was doing this was because he wanted his ex-wife to come back to him again as he had a picture taken with the two new "friends" and sent it to her, saying that he can be "open minded". This episode also revealed that Principal Hunter is divorced and used to be married to a woman named Rebecca.

In the episode The Fall Ball, Louis contacted Principal Hunter about the upcoming prom at the school being excited for his son Eddie going there.

In "First Day", he claims Evan is his favorite student for skipping a grade.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Phillip Goldstein", it was revealed that his first name is "Charlie".
  • It was also revealed in this episode, that he has an ex-wife named Rebecca who left him because he was racist.