Samantha is a member of the gang of neighborhood women. She is a recurring background character and has never had any speaking lines or significance in the series. She is played by Jessica Gardner.


Samantha first appeared in the Pilot, seen roller skating with the rest of the neighborhood women. She was seen carrying a bag if dog feces with her, which was really annoying Jessica, as it was right next to her face. After she left, she told Eddie that she hated Samantha for carrying that bag around with her like that and acting like it was nothing.

Samantha was seen again in The Shunning, sitting with the group when serving food. She was later mentioned at the welcoming party, when Deirdre said that she couldn't show up because her mother died. Samantha was later seen at their party, contradicting with this mention of her.

In the episode Fajita Man, it was mentioned that Samantha had killed herself because her husband divorced her, as told by Deidre, giggling with her friends about it. One of the girls even mentioned that she had become very fat and ugly since her divorce, so she doesn't blame her.

Episode Appearances


  • Samantha is the first known character to have officially died in the series.