Sarah is the ex-wife of Marvin and biological mother of Nichole. She has never been seen in the show but has been mentioned on several occasions. Very little is known about her, but from what's been said and seen in the show, it is implied that when Marvin divorced her and remarried Honey, her life went completely downhill and hit the epitome of bad and Honey only makes it worse by having some kind of hatred for her. Her biological daughter, Nichole, loves her more than Honey and expresses an extreme amount of hatred for Honey.


Sarah was first mentioned in the episode The Shunning. Evan said that the group of neighborhood women hate Honey because she ruined her life. He told them that Honey had just made a mess on the floor that Sarah just cleaned, when visiting her and she had most likely done this on purpose. At the end of the episode, Nichole arrived in a car, driven by Sarah, for the weekend with her other family. Sarah was not seen in the car.

Sarah was mentioned again in License to Sell, where Honey told Jessica that ever since she was divorced, she has become a smoking addict and gained a ton of weight.

Sarah was mentioned again in the episode Love and Loopholes, where Marvin was talking to Evan about his previous marriages. He mentioned that Sarah was not his first wife and that before her, he was married to a woman named Lucinda.