Trent is a fat kid (once called pumpkin head by Allison) who is one of Eddie's friends at school. He is played by Trevor Larcom.

A recurring trait of Trent is that he is often rude or inconsiderate to Eddie. He is also a very annoying character and voted time and time again to be the least favorable character. One distinct quality about him is that he is also very unattractive and fat. Also voted to be the ugliest character on the show.


He ran for Class President in Very Superstitious, and got Scottie Pippen to show up. Trent's father is Scottie's accountant.

Trent naively assumes that all East Asian people are the same and sees no difference in the countries. When Eddie claims that it is unfair for a Japanese conglomerate to charge $50 for a Shaq Fu video game, Trent replied "Aren't you Japanese?" to which Eddie angrily ordered him to stop talking.

In So Chineez, he insulted China mainly because he doesn't know about Chinese culture and blames the culture itself for this rather than himself. He insulted panda bears as being the only thing he can think of China. This led to Eddie immediately defending China against Trent.

In Doing It Right, Trent again antagonizes Eddie and tells him not to deviate from Louis's instructions for the Chili Cook-Off. Eddie quit being his dad's assistant out of creative differences as Louis refuses to take any of Eddie's ideas. Trent insults that Eddie is not a real chef and should just silently submit to his dad. It is then shown that the reason why Trent was rude to Eddie like that was he wanted to eat Louis's chili again the exact same way for the last 5 years. At the end of the episode, it is shown that Trent ate so much chili up to the point he fell asleep from being so full.  

In Citizen Jessica, Trent reveals his family are Unitarian Universalists who don't celebrate Christmas.

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