Vanessa is a worker at Cattleman's Ranch who made her first appearance in the episode Blind Spot. She is in love with Louis and she constantly seduces him, and strongly, but subtly expressed her sexual feelings for him, which he is completely oblivious to. She is played by Amanda Lund.


Vanessa is a seductive, sexually strung-up nymphomaniac who always thinks about and talks about sex. She does it with other guys all the time, but she mainly wants to do it with Louis and so she seduces him all the time and says normally-hidden sexual euphemisms to him. However, Louis is oblivious to the things she says, only hearing these quotes as the dialogue that hides them and he sees her as a normal worker, explaining why she never gets punished or fired.

Episode Appearances


  • "Oh, Louis, you are so funny."
  • "No, really. You have tickled my funny bone. I bet you have a big bone."
  • "Well, I'm so glad that it's fixed now."
  • "Hopefully, you can return the favor."
  • "Ow! Ow! Ow! Okay, it feels weird. (Giggles) Okay, now, It doesn't feel good!"
  • "I wish I could. Right girls!?"
  • "I had eight seconds of glory last night. Right girls!?"
  • "I wish that-"
  • "Too bad it's not raining men. Right girls!?"
  • "Hey, your dad told me you guys are in a play. That's so exciting. I'm an actress too, I shot a whole movie in a guy's apartment."
  • "Slash actress. So, I don't know if your play is already cast up but keep me in mind. That's an old picture. It's before I grew into my teeth."


  • In the episode "Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon", she told Evan and Emery that she used to have an acting career. However, this may have only been a career as a porn star, since she said that "she did a whole movie in a guys apartment".